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Pet Life World Initiates Adoption Campaign

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Pet Life World Initiates Adoption Campaign

September 23
18:54 2020
Pet Life World has assisted the Orangutan Outreach program by adopting two orphaned orangutans

Monita, a two-year-old orphaned female, and Jojo, an unreleasable adult male, are the two special orangutans. They will both be in the care of the Orangutan Outreach organization. And, they have many more growing orangutans that others can consider adopting. The news was announced on this blog post:

Precious Orangutans

Orangutan, translated as person of the forest, is a name given to precious animals that live in the forests of Southeast Asia. There are three different species of orangutans, all of which are endangered. These include the Sumatran, Bornean, and Tapanuli.

All of these species are found in two specific locations in Southeast Asia. These are Borneo and Sumatra. Borneo is a transnational island with many of the orangutan population living in the parts that belong to Indonesia and Malaysia. Sumatra is an island that solely belongs to Indonesia. These are the only great apes that reside in Asian territory. All other ape species, including gorillas, bonobos, and chimpanzees, live in Africa.

Deforestation Threatens The Orangutan Population

Right now, deforestation is happening in Southeast Asia. The want to clear out trees and replace them with large palm oil agricultural farms is high. This has resulted in a crippling environment for orangutans as their living quarters continue to get smaller and smaller.

Apart from deforestation threats, the orangutan population is dealing with illegal capture. While it’s strictly illegal to own, kill, harm, or capture an orangutan in both Indonesia and Malaysia territories, it’s happening. Young orangutans, especially, are sought after by illegal exotic pet owners. When local hunters go to capture these baby orangutans, they typically kill the mother who is in close proximity to the baby. This is a travesty.

Supporting Orangutan Outreach

Orangutan Outreach is a fairly small U.S. based charity. They partner with various orangutan conservation organizations throughout the island of Borneo and Sumatra. With a combined effort, they support the rescue of these affected orangutans, their rehabilitation, and release back into the wild.

Orangutan Outreach is also working to protect rainforests from deforestation and to stop the illegal hunting of orangutans. If you’re interested in supporting the Orangutan Outreach, you can do so by adopting your very own orangutan. You’ll find out all the information that you need at

Orangutans Are Not Exotic Pets

As you just learned, some exotic pet owners believe that orangutans are meant to be personal pets. This is not true. Orangutans flourish in a large, forested environment. They cannot be safely contained in cages. Orangutans require a special diet and an adequate amount of space to flourish. This is an environment that cannot be properly achieved by a personal pet owner. Rather, orangutans should remain in their natural rainforest home.

Pet Life World believes in loving and caring for all animals. However, knowing the difference between a pet and a wild animal is a must for everyone’s safety. Through programs like Orangutan Outreach, you can now support the caring of wild animals like orangutans, where you can admire them in their natural environment.

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