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Kabbalah Wisdom & Free Executive Coaching Sessions for Business Success during the Covid Crisis

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Kabbalah Wisdom & Free Executive Coaching Sessions for Business Success during the Covid Crisis

September 22
20:45 2020

Businesses face tough times due to the Covid crisis, but is there a way that people find spiritual support that will help entrepreneurs with their mind, soul and also their business? 

Enter Marcus J Freed, business coach and bestselling award-winning author of The Kabbalah Sutras: 49 Steps to Enlightenment.

“Kabbalah means ‘received” explains Freed “and there are ancient wisdom principles that can be applied directly to the workplace. It all begins with Abraham, and the Kabbalists explain that he represents ‘Hesed’, the power of giving. Right away you can start asking how you are giving to your customers, whether it is advice, creating content, or just finding as many ways as possible to add value. Giving with an open-heart can generate incredible results.

Freed is currently offering free business coaching sessions to entrepreneurs to help support them through this difficult time. You can apply here:

“The major Biblical figures have qualities that can enhance our wellbeing and can even be applied in developing customer relationships and building business. Isaac represents ‘Gevurah’, the idea of strength and focus, Jacob is ‘Tiferet’ or truth and balance, Moses is ‘Netzach’, which means endurance and ambition”. This wisdom can help us through tough times and show us different ways to relate to our customers so that we win their trust, and ultimately build new business. 

Marcus J Freed, who is also a qualified Orthodox Rabbi – but doesn’t use the title – has created a series of Kabbalah-based videos that give people solid strategies to save, rebuild and strengthen their business using strategies learned from the mystical sages:

His business training career began in his native Britain in 1999 when he founded Freedthinking. Freed initially took actors into businesses and used ‘drama-based learning’, taking his skills as an actor applying them to corporate life. Freedthinking later morphed to executive coaching and consulting when he moved to Los Angeles in 2008.

Freed’s new book The Kosher Sutras: A Yogi’s Guide to the Torah will be officially launched online on October 5th 2020, to coincide with Amazon Prime Day and the start of the annual Torah reading cycle. There will be a 50% promotion during that day

“Spiritual support can make all the difference during the covid recession, especially as the situation seems to be getting harder. Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, an 18th-century Kabbalah master, taught that there are blessings everywhere, even though they may be concealed. When we look for the blessings, they will get revealed”.

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