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The Correct Wiring Helps AC Units Run More Efficiently

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The Correct Wiring Helps AC Units Run More Efficiently

September 22
10:06 2020
The Correct Wiring Helps AC Units Run More Efficiently

When something goes wrong with a home’s electrical system, most people don’t think to call anyone but a professional electrician. At Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air the certified technicians aren’t just skilled at electrical work, they are also well-versed in plumbing and HVAC servicing. For over a decade these contractors have been providing Glendora, CA with the quick and efficient restoration of broken electrical, plumbing, and air handling systems; providing a full guarantee on all of their work so that homeowners don’t have to pay extra costs due to faulty parts or craftsmanship.

Offering More Than One Branch of Home Utility Service

Many older homes still contain outdated, improperly grounded electrical wiring that can’t always handle the demands of newer appliances and may increase the risk of fire if an overload occurs. Fortunately, the technicians at Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air are also certified electricians who can perform both new HVAC installations and home rewiring at the same time. By offering two services in tandem, these technicians drastically cut down the project time and overall cost from what homeowners would pay if two separate contracting companies performed the work on differing schedules.

Keep the Home Power Supply Up to Date

The average household uses so many electronic devices nowadays that most rooms don’t have enough outlets or circuit breakers to meet the charging demand. Additionally, many devices are powered by USB cables that require a specific type of electrical outlet to plug the charging cable into. Companies like Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air consult with each customer to learn about their household needs so that they can design a system of new wiring and updated outlets that are safely and conveniently located throughout the home.

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Routine Maintenance Keeps both the Air and Current Flowing

To help avoid an unexpected HVAC malfunction, homeowners need to visit a website like to schedule periodic maintenance service. During these visits, technicians servicing the Glendora, CA area will check on the condition of the circuitry and electrical connections in the unit, clean out any accumulated debris, lubricate moving parts, run a test on the thermostat, change the filters, and check the temperature of the circulating air. These visits not only identify and prevent potential problems but also extend the life of the unit while increasing overall efficiency.

Dedicating One Circuit to an HVAC Unit

If the outdated HVAC system in an older home requires replacement, the existing circuit may not be strong enough for the demands of an updated unit. An older circuit may also have additional items hooked up to it which can cause an overload anytime the air handling unit kicks on. Because of this, companies like Accurate always set up a dedicated circuit on every HVAC replacement or installation to help ensure that homeowners never have to worry about resetting the circuit breaker or possibly dealing with an accidental fire due to bad wiring decisions.

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