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Introducing detailed information about products and services of Infofamouspeople

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Introducing detailed information about products and services of Infofamouspeople

September 18
16:16 2020

If you need to look up the birthdays of any celebrities for your reference, or you just start becoming their fan for some reason and want to get to know them from the smallest thing, please come to Infofamouspeople. We provide information such as birthday, zodiac, hometown, marital status, full name, their social channels: youtube, facebook, twitter … milestones in their career, works of art and some facts about them.

ABOUT Infofamouspeople

Celebrities are profiled in a simple and entertaining format. Each celebrity profile contains News, Video Newest of them. An intuitive search engine takes users directly to the page they are seeking. Optimized website for use across desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Infofamouspeople is multilanguage.


Search by birthday, birthplace, profession, TV show, and more. View today’s most popular birthdays. See the celebrities trending right now. Explore recently added videos. Visit a random celebrity profile.

In addition, our website updates the birthdays of famous people from around the world every day for fans who cannot be “missed”.

Infofamouspeople also allows people to freely vote for famous people to create rankings on the website.

We also divide celebrities’ birthdays by careers and horoscopes.

  • Horoscopes: Aries, Libra, Taurus, Scorpio, Gemini, Sagittarius, Cancer, Capricorn, Leo, Aquarius, Virgo, Pisces.

  • Careers: accordionist, activist, actor, actress, animator, archer, architect, artist, astrologer, astronaut, australian rules footballer, author, badminton player, banjo player, baseball player, basketball player, bassist, beatboxer, biathlete, billiards player, bmx riders, bobsledder, bodybuilder, bowler, boxer, boxing trainer, bullfighter, bullrider, business executive, canoer, cartoonist, cellist, cheerleader, chef, chess player, choreographer, cinematographer, civil rights leader, clarinet player, coach, comedian, competitive eater, composer, computer programmer, conductor, cosplayer, cricketer, criminal, curler, cyclist, dancer, daredevil, darts player, decathlete, director, discus thrower, diver, dj, doctor, dog musher, drummer, economist, engineer entrepreneur, environmentalist, equestrian, esports player, explorer, family member, fashion designer, fencerfield hockey player, figure skater, Pornographic actors, fisherman, fitness instructor flute player, football player, freerunner, gaelic football player, game designer, game show host, golfer, guitarist, gymnast, hammer thrower, handball player, high jumper, historian, hockey player, horse jockey, hurdler, hurler, interior designer, inventor, javelin thrower, jewelry designer, journalist, kayaker, kickboxer, lacrosse player, law enforcement officer, lawyer, long jumper, luger, magician, martial artist, mathematician, mma fighter, model, monster truck driver, motivational speaker, motorcycle racer, mountainbiker, mountain climber, netball player, neurologist, news anchor, other, pageant contestant, paralympian, pathologist, pentathlete, pet philosopher, photographer, pianist, pilot, podcast host, pole vaulter, politicalwire, politician, producer, production designer, psychiatrist, psychologist, puppeteer, race car driver, race walker, radio host, rapper, reality star, referee, religious leader, rock climber, rower, royalty, rugby, runner, sailor, saxophonist, scientist, scooter rider, sculptor, shot putter, singer, sitar player, skate boarder, skeleton racer, skier, sky diver, snooker player, snowboarder, snowmobile aracer, soccer player, softball player, song writer, sound designer, speed skater, sports caster, sports executive, sports shooter, squash player, stunt double, stylist, super centenarian, supreme court justice, surfer, swimmertable, tennis player, talent manager, teacher, titanic survivor, triathlete, triple jumper, trombone player, trumpet player, TV show host, umpire, US president ventriloquist, veterinarian, violinist, volleyball player, wakeboarder, war hero, water polo player, video star web.

Besides, we also have two highlight functions which are updated soon in the future on our website:

  • Adding new celebrities who are not already on the system

  • Smart content cross-censorship system between users in the system

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