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Main classification and selection of fuse products

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Main classification and selection of fuse products

September 18
15:32 2020

Fuse: also known as fuse block, when the circuit fault or abnormal, with the current constantly increased, and the increased current may damage some important components in the circuit, but also may burn down the circuit or even cause a fire, its own fuse cut off the current, protect the safe operation of the circuit.

“FU” is commonly used in general circuits

Now the circuit density is the highest, patch recovery fuse (PTC) due to overcurrent caused by the temperature rise, expansion and transition to a high resistance state, and on and off, when the fault recovery, back to normal operation, and with overcurrent overheat protection, automatic recovery of the dual function.It is more and more used in low voltage power supply protection circuit.

Self-recovery fuse is a kind of overcurrent electronic protection element, which is made of high polymer organic polymer under the condition of high pressure, high temperature and vulcanization reaction, mixed with conductive particle material, and then processed by special process.

Fuses are safety devices and use in that country requires safety certification or recognized general certification in the country of use.

For example, the maximum current 7A is used in the power frequency power grid, where the power supply fluctuates greatly.

IEC fuse actual use of maximum current /0.9

UL fuse actual use of maximum current /0.75

The margin of domestic fuses can be taken according to UL fuses, and the maximum instantaneous inrush current that may occur in the power grid should be less than fuse I2t

Check the fuse data manual and choose 10A/250V, slow fuse.

Inline fuse holder is installed on the electric wire, which can be connected at any position of the circuit to protect device and electrical applications from the damage caused by the circuit fusing. They are used to insulate these circuits while breakdown happens so that other wiring system will not be affected. The fuse holder is comprised by the socket that enclose a fuse and tail circuit or terminal, which can be extended to the other end of the socket for the lead or terminal so that they can be connected to the circuit.

Fuse is the ideal substitute for the circuit breaker as they are small and can protect multiple circuits in a smaller space. Such line fuse holder is compatible with the small fuse and the rated current can be as high as 30A. They can withstand the damp and corrosive environment, which are usually applied to the street lamp, parking lot lights, traffic lights and the over-current protection for vessels and other outdoor devices.

Among which, the embedded fuse holder is compatible with the glass of a diameter of 1/4” and ceramic fuse, which can provide over-current protection for electronic devices, electric appliances and lighting circuit. They can be used together with glass fuse to protect the low current circuit, while, the ceramic fuse can be used to protect the high current circuit.

There is inventory available for the HINEW fuse holder and can arrange delivery immediately. We offer fuse holder for lead of various rated current,including 10A,20A and 30A. The online fuse holder with protective cap can be sealed in dustproof, waterproof and moisture-proof environment.

Suggestions: Please make sure the device match with the wire to fuse when selecting the fuse holder. Using smaller fuse holder will increase the resistance of the circuit so that the performance will be compromised. Note: Please do not install the fuse with a rated ampere that is larger than the rated value of the fuse block.

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