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Common LCD splicing large-screen display system applications

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Common LCD splicing large-screen display system applications

September 17
22:12 2020

1. Application of conference LCD splicing large-screen technology

During the meeting, the work report can be realized through the splicing large-screen display system, which can realize the flexible display of text, sound, video and pictures, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the sensory perception of the participants, and greatly improve the effect of the meeting. In addition, the application of video conferencing has allowed more and more people to accept online video communication instead of face-to-face communication.

2. Application of large-screen LCD splicing display system in shopping malls

As soon as you walk into the mall, you can see discounts such as “Today’s Special”. When you buy something, you can know where the products you want are stored, prices and other practical information about consumers. If you use a large splicing large screen, this kind of discount information is more conspicuous and easier to attract the attention of big consumers. At the same time, you can directly scan the QR code on the spliced ​​large screen for selection and payment.

3. Large LCD splicing screen for teaching applications

With the rapid development of computer networks and display equipment, spliced ​​large-screen displays have been widely used in education and teaching with their advantages of both pictures and texts, easy to use, etc., combined with touch, only need to gently touch the large-screen display with fingers The images or texts, or direct handwriting can make the teaching content easy.

4. Application of LCD splicing large-screen display system in security monitoring industry

With the LCD splicing large-screen display system, you can perfectly present a clear picture and perfect visual effect in the monitoring room, but the picture conversion can be realized at any time. It saves a lot of manpower and material resources, which is one of the benefits to the security industry, and the security does not need to patrol constantly every day.

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