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Pioneer Pools Moves to New Location Due to Grant Rd Widening Project

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Pioneer Pools Moves to New Location Due to Grant Rd Widening Project

September 17
22:42 2020
Pioneer Pools Moves to New Location Due to Grant Rd Widening Project

The Grant Road widening project is changing the landscape of Tucson, both figuratively and literally. Phases 3 and 4, running concurrently, involve the demolition of numerous businesses. These phases do not conclude the demolitions. Upon completion of these demolitions, phases 5 and 6 will commence and more businesses and buildings will be levelled to make way for a few more lanes of Grant Road.

Many businesses have been forced to relocate as a direct result of the demolitions necessary to complete the widening project. Among those businesses is Tucson’s oldest pool servicing company, Pioneer Pools. Pioneer Pools has relocated a short distance away from the Grant Road widening project and intends to continue operations as usual immediately following that move.

The Grant Road Widening Project

The Grant Road Improvement Project, approved in 2006, aims to widen a five-mile portion of Grant Road, between Swan and Oracle Road. The project was funded by half a penny tax measure, allowing community funds to slowly accumulate over time. The new Grant Road will feature six lanes, bike lanes, and considerations to make the section easily accessible to pedestrians. The intention is to make the commute on Grant Road easier for all travelers.

The project, now in its Phase 3 and Phase 4 state, involves the demolition of many businesses and standing structures that occupy the area where the road is to be widened. Pioneer Pools, like many Tucson businesses, happened to be located on the stretch of Grant Road that required demolition for expansion.

As a result of the demolition, many businesses have closed, relocated, or merged with existing businesses that had spacious locations outside of the demolition zones. Pioneer Pools, previously located at 4202 E Grant Road, has moved to a new location in Tucson.

Pioneer Pools Relocation

Pioneer Pools is now located at 302 S Plumer Ave, Tucson, AZ 85719. The new location is only 4.3 miles away from the previous location, so customers of Pioneer Pools are unlikely to feel inconvenienced by the company’s relocation. They’re located in an easily accessible area and will continue to provide on-site services to homeowners in the same areas they’ve always serviced. Loyal customers of Pioneer Pools will not have to switch service providers are a result of the building’s relocation.

The company looks forward to providing the same high quality of service the community has come to know from their new headquarters. Although the location is new, their experience backed services and commitment to quality will remain the same as they have for decades.

About Pioneer Pools

Pioneer Pools is one of the oldest pool companies in the Tucson area, and one of few family businesses still run by its founding members. Pioneer Pools has been servicing the Tucson area since 1983. Pioneer Pools offers comprehensive repair and renovation solutions for outdoor entertainment areas and water features. At the time of publication, Pioneer Pools only services existing pools and spas. They are not available for a new pool or spa installation.

Services Offered by Pioneer Pools

For over three decades, Pioneer Pools has serviced homeowners in and around the Tucson area seeking pool repair, pool resurfacing, and pool remolding solutions. In addition to renovative services, Pioneer Pools also services, installs, and repairs a multitude of pool filtration systems and provides saltwater pool conversion services.

Pioneer Pools are refinishing experts. They offer re-plastering and composite finish services, as well as re-plumping, tile replacement, tile repair, tile cleaning, paver installation, pebble service installation, quartz finishing, and color finishing. The company installs, repairs, and replaces every manner of pool or spa pump.

Among Pioneer Pools’ most popular offerings are its full-service pool and spa maintenance. Customers can hire Pioneer Pools to properly manage the chemical balances of their pools, brush the walls and steps, skim the surface of the water for debris, backwash their pools, empty their baskets and filters, and visually inspect all equipment to assure that pools and spas are in perfect working order.

Pioneer Pools services many outdoor water amenities outside of pools. The company provides electrical services for pools and outdoor areas, including pool lighting. They also service spas, hot tubs, fountains, basins, and artificial streams. They are all-encompassing outdoor plumbing experts, and are proud to be among the most experienced in the business.

Visit Pioneer Pools at Their New Tucson Location

Pioneer Pools invites the Tucson community to visit them at their new location on South Plumer Avenue. They are focused on meeting the needs of the Tucson community, especially during the warmer months when families are spending more time enjoying outdoor activities. There will be no disruption of services as Pioneer Pools has fully transitioned to their new location. Stop by to visit or inquire by phone at 520-881-7031.

Media Contact
Company Name: Pioneer Pools & Spas
Contact Person: Nathan Speer
Email: Send Email
Phone: (520) 881-7031
Address:302 S Plumer Ave
City: Tucson
State: AZ 85719
Country: United States

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