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Sleep Glasses: Stopping Insomnia at Its Source According to

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Sleep Glasses: Stopping Insomnia at Its Source According to

September 15
07:18 2020
Sleep Glasses: Stopping Insomnia at Its Source According to

Insomnia is a common problem these days. Based on one recent study, an estimated 25 to 35 percent of Americans suffer from some degree of sleep disruption. This issue appears to be growing worse with each passing year. In fact, it’s increasing at a rate of about one percent annually, and experts expect this trend to continue well into the foreseeable future. Though an increasing number of people are destined to battle insomnia at some point, they’re not doomed to live out their lives in restless misery. Certain measures can help ensure sleep will come in time and stay around long enough to make a positive difference.

What Causes Insomnia?

Several factors can contribute to sleeplessness, according to and many other sources. Overstimulation is certainly a recurring theme. Today’s chaotic lifestyles often leave people on the move from the moment they wake up until bedtime finally rolls around. At that point, their brains and bodies are too wound up to relax enough to fall asleep. Sleeping later than usual the following day or taking a nap to make up for the lost sleep doesn’t help the matter. It actually disrupts the body’s internal clock and makes sleep even more difficult to come by.

Stress is another significant factor that’s keeping people up at night. Worries over financial circumstances, political unrest, a declining society, and other modern-day conundrums are causing stress levels to soar. Increasing cases of chronic stress are leading to a wide range of dangerous health issues as well. When insomnia results, it compounds the mental and physical problems exponentially.

Reports also indicate that technology could be at least partially responsible for surging insomnia cases. Computers, mobile phones, tablets, televisions, and other devices put out ample amounts of blue light, and this isn’t exactly a healthy development. Though you can click for more info about the hazards of blue light, it can cause serious eye strain and lead to dry eyes, chronic headaches, and other problems. As fate would have it, this type of light also seems to suppress the body’s natural melatonin production, which makes it difficult to fall asleep and stay that way each night.

Is There a Solution?

In short, yes. A few effective solutions are available to help combat insomnia and its primary causes. Experts point out taking a few moments to relax and unwind before bedtime can be immensely helpful. Meditation is one way to do so. Being sure to limit caffeine consumption in the evening also aids in improving sleep patterns. Of course, one of the most practical strategies for warding off insomnia is restricting blue light exposure. Companies like Felix Gray are offering a certain amount of assistance in this regard.

Some reports show sleep glasses can aid in protecting people from the blue light that so readily hampers their sleep patterns. Many are wondering, What Are Sleep Glasses? Contrary to what the name may lead you to believe, they’re not actually designed to be slept in. Instead, they feature amber lenses that filter out the blue light, thereby reducing its negative impact.

All Things Considered

Many problems can cause or worsen insomnia. In turn, the health issues that typically accompany a lack of sleep are exacerbated as well. For some, the key to overcoming sleeplessness may be forced evening relaxation time. In other cases, effective stress and anxiety management could be the solution. For quite a few people, though, simply warding off the effects of modern technology may be all it takes to regulate their sleeping habits.

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