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Chiropractor Perth Dr. Mathew Farrugia Treats Musculoskeletal And Spinal Health Issues To Alleviate Pain And Improve Mobility

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Chiropractor Perth Dr. Mathew Farrugia Treats Musculoskeletal And Spinal Health Issues To Alleviate Pain And Improve Mobility

September 15
03:09 2020
Chiropractor Perth Dr. Mathew Farrugia Treats Musculoskeletal And Spinal Health Issues To Alleviate Pain And Improve Mobility
Since 2006, Dr. Mathew Farrugia of Perth Chiro Centre has been helping community members lead a fuller, pain-free life through his chiropractic treatments. The evidence-based treatments are affordable and safe for the elderly and children.

According to announcements released by Perth Chiro Centre and Dr. Mathew Farrugia, locals that seek an empathetic chiropractor Perth are welcome to the clinic’s two locations, Greenwood and Wembley Downs. These offer non-surgical, evidence-backed chiropractic treatments for conditions that include neck pain, back pain, bulging discs, etc. 

The clinic has a reputation for delivering optimal results in minimal time, and patients are not tied down to lengthy treatment procedures. Dr. Farrugia’s reputation for delivering results has led to the clinic getting referrals from general practitioners and surgeons. Unless there is a contraindication, the clinic begins treatment from the first visit to deliver relief from pain and improve the patient’s quality of life.

Dr. Farrugia has more than 12 years of experience treating patients with painful conditions such as bursitis and mid back pain. Apart from effective therapy, patients are also informed about the lifestyle habits and postural changes they need to implement to experience lasting comfort. This highly rated Perth chiro clinic does more than just offer relief from symptomatic pain; it treats the underlying cause using proven non-invasive chiropractic techniques. The clinic’s treatments are of particular use for aging adults facing age-related spinal issues such as pain and stiffness that appear gradually from tissue degeneration and general deterioration that occurs as the body ages.

Through dry needling, which operates on a different premise compared to acupuncture, the clinic has helped patients improve their mobility, feel less pain in the affected parts, and experience a noticeable reduction in muscle tension. This procedure has proven its effectiveness in treating painful conditions such as golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, and sports injuries.

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Dr. Mathew Farrugia of Perth Chiro Centre said, “People of all ages consult chiropractors for many musculoskeletal problems and back pain. Many parents bring their newborn infants, rapidly growing toddlers, accident-prone children, and teenagers for chiropractic treatment. People with neck-related headaches and migraines, neck pain, back pain, spine-related pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, muscular pain, some arthritic pain, and sporting injuries can all be treated visiting Perth Chiro Centre.”

He continued to say, “Chiropractors in Australia are required to have completed intensive and rigorous training. A five-year university degree is needed along with registration with the government-controlled national registration board (The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency- AHPRA), as well as being a member of a professional association. At Perth Chiro Centre, our staff maintains the highest standard of care for our clients.”

Explaining chiropractic manipulation, Dr. Farrugia said, “A chiropractic joint manipulation (also known as an adjustment) is often a component of your management. It is only suggested when appropriate. Chiropractic manipulation is applying a fast and short force to a discrete joint to encourage normal motion. A beneficial effect of manipulation is that it is often known to reduce muscle spasm and alleviate associated pain. The history of manipulation goes back centuries. Today, the modern trained chiropractor has the training to refine the skills necessary to carry out manipulation safely and where possible, effective manner.”

Contact and location information are available at Perth Chiro Centre

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