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Nine University CEO Talks Faith in Never Before Seen Video

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Nine University CEO Talks Faith in Never Before Seen Video

September 12
07:33 2020
Kale Abrahamson of Nine University premieres YouTube video talking about faith, and the real reason he launched his Amazin FBA business.

Nine University owner Kale Abrahamson launched a YouTube premiere of a personal video where he addresses his faith and responds to Nine University reviews. In this video, Kale admits that he has tried to keep his personal life and his business life separate. He has now chosen to review Nine University from a different perspective than usual: from his journey as a Christian. 

Abrahamson starts the review off with bible verse Malachi 3:10 NIV, where God says: “Test me in this and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.” Kale recollects a church sermon by his pastor that involved the church not being perfect due to imperfect churchgoers. The pastor also mentioned that donating money to the church did not guarantee that a situation would resolve itself. 

This sermon made Kale reflect on Nine University and how God has helped his business. He shares that the business did not start out big. As Nine University grew, Kale and co-owner Taylor Hiott donated to the church, even when they had little to give. “That verse that I talked about in the beginning, how God will pour back in so much that you cannot even contain it has come true in my life. There is no denying it whether you believe what I believe or not. Something crazy happened here, where we got latched on to, literally, the favor and blessing of God himself,” he explains.

A Look into Nine University

Kale goes on to compare the reviews of Nine University to his church, Amplify Church. He compares how new churchgoers may enter the church and judge different aspects of it, just as some of Nine University’s reviews are critical of aspects of the business. “We are not perfect,” Kale expresses after discussing the difficulties he experienced with negative reviews of Nine University. He firmly believes that if Nine University was a “lie,” God would end their prosperity. 

Kale mentions the “wall of fame,” where many Nine University students have shared their successes. He swears that he would shut the company down if he felt that Amazon FBA was a lie or if users of Nine University were not prosperous. “I can’t sit here and pretend to be a Christian and also sell someone something that is a scam,” Abrahamson says. Kale concludes the video by taking a moment to express admiration and thanks to God, as He is the reason Nine University is successful.

The History of Nine University

Nine University grew out of Abrahamson’s and Hiott’s failure-to-success story of selling on Amazon. Once they developed a working strategy, they shared their success with others. The two Pittsburgh natives have helped hundreds of people become successful sellers on Amazon.

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