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Chiropractor In St. Augustine, Florida Treats Chronic And Acute Pain Using Class IV Laser Therapy

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Chiropractor In St. Augustine, Florida Treats Chronic And Acute Pain Using Class IV Laser Therapy

September 09
17:42 2020
Chiropractor In St. Augustine, Florida Treats Chronic And Acute Pain Using Class IV Laser Therapy
Matanzas Chiropractic is a trusted St. Augustine chiropractor clinic that uses Class IV laser therapy to treat pain associated with sciatica, migraines, arthritis, neck pain, back pain, and shoulder injuries, etc. The treatment has proven effective in providing immediate and lasting relief.

According to announcements released by Matanzas Chiropractic and Dr. John Hornocker, an experienced chiropractor at the clinic administers quick-acting and safe class IV laser therapy for patients suffering from a variety of pain-causing conditions such as headaches, foot pain, lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, herniated discs, neuropathy pain, rotator cuff injuries, etc. 

Class IV lasers possess both the wavelength and output levels to initiate metabolic changes at the cellular levels that provide therapeutic and healing benefits. These lasers have the necessary deep tissue penetrative abilities to act fast and do not require prolonged administration. This therapy does not require drugs or surgery and is side effect free. 

Patients at Matanzas Chiropractic are administered laser therapy customized to their condition. The trained staff at the clinic ensures that patients are given appropriate treatment for quick and lasting relief.  The treatment is administered until the pain goes away or continued as a maintenance program. Class IV laser therapy, as administered at Matanzas Chiropractic, helps restore musculoskeletal function by treating pain and inflammation. It fosters faster tissue healing and a return to health. 

Research has shown that this laser therapy can deliver improved patient outcomes with no discomfort to the recipient. Matanzas Chiropractic has developed a reputation for enabling patients to manage pain and lead a pain-free life through chiropractic techniques and laser therapy. 

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Dr. John Hornocker of Matanzas Chiropractic said, “We are a licensed chiropractic clinic servicing in St Augustine. We have thousands of patients every year who benefit from our skilled chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic service has been used as an alternative medicine to get rid of body pain for years.”

He continued to say, “Our chiropractors go through proper education on chiropractic medicine and training to treat patients of all ages. Our goal is to help patients see through a healthy and pain-free life. We build a rapport in the community, helping patients suffering from years of pain, better their posture, and helping young individuals have healthy, pain-free lives. When you want quality chiropractic service, you know who to come to. Matanzas Chiropractic takes most insurances, and we, check with your medical insurance to see if they cover chiropractic care under the policy, so you can be certain before taking the services.”

On laser treatment provided at the clinic, Dr. Hornocker said, “Laser therapy has shown quite good results in dealing with deep muscle and tissue pain. Laser therapy is promising in reducing tissue inflammation and pain. The laser is strong enough to penetrate the skin and reach the muscles but not powerful enough to damage it. The laser is supposed to help the metabolism of the cells by stimulating the cell’s mitochondria. It is a low side effect process, which is much safer than taking pain meds and other types of medicines to deal with inflammation.”

Contact and location information is available at Matanzas Chiropractic.

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