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New podcast “Saka’s Is That So?” by Saka Nuru challenges conventional norms and ways of thinking

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New podcast “Saka’s Is That So?” by Saka Nuru challenges conventional norms and ways of thinking

May 22
22:26 2020


Hosted by Saka, “Saka’s Is That So?” is a podcast that challenges conventional thinking and is broadcasted once a week. In this podcast, Saka talks about all the conventions that people often come across but don’t know whether they are true or not. This is the type of podcast that everyone needs to hear as it challenges the accepted wisdom across multiple industries, roles, and geographies, and at the same time, it encourages you to not take things at face value by asking better questions.

A global citizen with African origins, Saka Nuru is a public speaker, writer, and host of the podcast “Saka’s Is That So?” He graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a Master’s in Engineering & Business as the youngest valedictorian in the engineering graduate school’s history at 21 years of age, and is deeply passionate about Technology, Culture, and Conversation.

Saka discusses a wide variety of topics that are generally not taken into consideration by most people but are important to be talked about like, conventions related to Entrepreneurship, Finance, Tech, Society, and Culture, which further help us question things we assume as true.

“I started this podcast because there were a lot of things I took for granted which turned out to be untrue or false once I dug a bit deeper. Most people simply accept things as true because it’s the only answer they have been given or it has been repeated so many times, people assume it must be true. The process of investigating every misconception is time-consuming and costly. That’s why I created this podcast to go along the journey of figuring these things out in a lighthearted manner”, says Saka, explaining his reasons behind starting this podcast.

The first episode of the podcast “Saka’s, Is That So?” went on air on April 27, 2020, titled “Is Entrepreneurship All Glitz & Glam?” This episode features Ethel Tambudzai, a tech founder in London, who along with Saka, talks about the myths surrounding entrepreneurship, building a team, biases around age and other topics. 

The second episode is titled “What Does It Mean to Be Financially Literate?” Which features Patricia Lamour, MBE, and founder of Aspire education group, a company dedicated to educating for wealth. In this episode Saka explores the myths around income vs. wealth, financial literacy, gender differences.

The latest episode was aired on May 19, 2020, titled “Are Non-Profits Badly Run & Inefficient?” This episode features Fabian Chessell, ex McKinsey engagement manager and prominent figure in the non profit sector in charge of billions of dollars as part of a non-profit foundation. In this episode, Saka, along with his guest, discusses the myths around the business model of non-profits.

“Saka’s Is That So?” is an infotainment program that gives you the most important facts in very subtle way lighthearted format. It is the perfect mix of intellectual curiosity, lightheartedness, and humour.

Listen to the podcast “Saka’s Is That So?” on various streaming platforms through this LINK

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