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OAO Kool to Soon Launch New Mixtape ‘Oao Radio: Tha Mixtape Vol.1’

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OAO Kool to Soon Launch New Mixtape ‘Oao Radio: Tha Mixtape Vol.1’

May 20
01:38 2020
‘After releasing a few singles of the mixtape, vocal sensation OAO Kool will be out with the entire mixtape’

Artist OAO Kool is all set for his upcoming mixtape “OAO Radio: Tha Mixtape Vol.1” to be launched on July 4 this year. Tracks from this mixtape have beats from leading producers Jackpot and Gain Green. 

The upcoming mixtape has singles from the unscheduled album “OAO Radio”. OAO Kool already released some of the singles from this mixtape which are streaming and ready to download across leading music platforms Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, I-heart radio, and others. The singles ‘Swift’, ‘Make Bank’, ‘No Squares’, ‘Bag Together’, and ‘Make Me Wanna Flex were released earlier. Out of these tracks, the track ‘Swift’ has already been streamed for over 100,000 times on Spotify alone, whereas the song ‘Make Bank’ had to be removed from music platforms as a lawsuit had been filed by Simmons 1st National Bank.

With lines like “It ain’t no squares in my loop, all my ****** gone shoot” from ‘No Squares’ and “I got a bag, she got a bag, we get a bag together. First, we were on, then we were off, then we were back together” from ‘Bag Together’, the messages of the tracks yet to come can only be imagined. Although the full mixtape is yet to launch in July, the singles from the album have performed given the fact that one single getting over 100,000 streams on a single platform while another being removed because of a lawsuit. It is only a matter of time until OAO Kool surprises more with his full mixtape “OAO Radio: Tha Mixtape Vol.1” to be launched on leading music platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and many others.

About OAO Kool

Coming from Pine Bluff, a city with one of the highest murder rates in the United States, life was tough and OAO Kool made a living out of music in this environment. At 20 years of age, OAO Kool initiated with his own start-up never to work for anyone again. He started his own record label Scar Lyfe Entertainment and sparked a movement in his community and set an example with his hustle. Organizing shows himself, he cut out the middleman creating opportunities for other local artists. OAO Kool provided local artists with a platform where they could portray their music. While he is not known for having swag, the music speaks for itself with his lyrical compositions. After having kids, he lost focus on music and took a 6-year hiatus from the game. But now he’s back! Better and stronger! The artist formerly known as Kool Carl is now known as OAO Kool. OAO Kool stands for One And Only Kool! OAO Kool is an artist that has earlier performed with stars like Kevin Gates, Trina, and Lil Keke. He also has hit singles like ‘Swift’ and ‘No Squares’ to his name. 

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Media Contact
Company Name: Scar Lyfe Entertainment
Contact Person: Oao Kool
Email: Send Email
Phone: 8704611544
Address:316 elm. 35th
City: Pine Bluff
State: AR
Country: United States