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May 19
18:34 2020 Asks, Why is Mobile Forensics So Important?

Investigators use digital forensics strategies for a variety of investigations. These strategies apply to computers and laptops in most cases. However, with the evolution of technology, forensic investigations have now included mobile devices such as smartphones. Reviewing why mobile forensics is so important shows consumers and even victims how the strategies can help them. 

Finding Evidence of a Crime

Finding evidence of crime helps investigators build a solid case against the perpetrator. Lifting and storing data from a mobile device shows records of calls and text messages. For example, if the perpetrator is accused of murdering the victim, the data could make a connection between the perpetrator and the victim. With mobile device forensics, the investigators can secure enough evidence to secure a conviction. New tools, according to, make it easier for investigators to lift and save data in a shorter amount of time. 

Recovering Images Deleted by the User

Recovering images deleted by the user could also prove beneficial when investigating someone. With the right tools, the investigators can recover images that were deleted from the device and acquire evidence. This is beneficial when investigating crimes related to pornography or the release of private or sexual images on the internet. Studies show that the collection of the images and pinpointing the origin of the upload helps the investigators link the perpetrator to the crime. The digital forensics market was valued at USD 4170.0 million in 2019

The Discovery Process in a Divorce Case

Using mobile forensics in a divorce case helps a plaintiff prove adultery. When presenting fault-based divorce grounds, the spouse must secure evidence of an extramarital affair. Images, phone records, text messages, and recordings are also examples of admissible evidence. The key is getting possession of the cellular device. A spouse cannot take possession of the cellular device unless they have legal grounds. For example, if the cellular services are in their name, the spouse can get access to the phone and/or records related to the device. Plaintiffs who want to evaluate how mobile forensics could help their case can contact a company such as Eide Bailly now. 

Searching the Origin of a Security Hack

Searching the origin of a security hack helps the cellular device owner track down a hacker and bring the hacker to justice. Mobile forensics can give investigators registry files that could assist them in finding the origin of the breach, and the investigator can help the owner define what data was stolen. Smartphone users who need help can click reference for more details now. 

Recovering Data from the Sim Card

Recovering data from the sim card help the investigators find the right information quickly. With the right tools, the investigators can lift the information and transfer it onto a storage device. 

Investigators enable the authorities to find evidence to prosecute criminals. Forensic studies show investigators how to collect data from a variety of devices. New tools make it easier to collect evidence from smartphones and cellular devices. Reviewing how important mobile forensics are shows consumers and victims how beneficial the tools are in solving crimes.

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