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Blockchain game “Bit Three Countries” shocked release, widely acclaimed

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Blockchain game “Bit Three Countries” shocked release, widely acclaimed

October 31
23:09 2019

In recent years, blockchain games have been hot, and most of the blockchain teams are still solving technical problems, and most of the projects are just “paper talks”. At present, many blockchain practitioners and enthusiasts agree that the most promising scene in the blockchain is “games”. The combination of blockchain and games may reshape the entire game industry and break the monopoly of giants.

It was in this market environment that the three countries were born. The Bit Three countries were founded by the Singapore Bit Three Kingdoms Foundation. It is a blockchain card game distribution operation platform, leading the blockchain game into the chain game 3.0 era. Relying on blockchain technology to build a global ecosystem of blockchain games in the game segment: build a game-based public chain, a one-stop solution for blockchain games in the game ecosystem. The entire ecosystem consists of three major components: the Bit Three Kingdoms Game Platform, the Bit Three Country Developer Platform, the Bit Three Country Trading Platform, and the Bit Three Kingdom Game Distribution Operation Platform.

The emergence of the three countries has a profound impact on the entire game market:

First, the game shifts from spending money to making money

In traditional games, manufacturers rely on the props, equipment, etc. consumed by players to make a profit. From series skin to rare resources, you need to recharge to get it. The traditional game is to attract players to recharge, so that manufacturers can make a profit.

In the blockchain game of the Three Kingdoms, the blockchain game is quite different from the traditional game. The three countries have added the token property and issued the digital currency BTTC. The BTTC has extensive liquidity and the player can play on the exchange or game. Players can buy BTTC in their hands and sell their own BTTC from the game.

Users create everything worthy of value in the Bit Three Kingdoms game, while other users spend BTTC to consume the content. The three countries only charge a certain percentage of fees. At this point, a blockchain game that can really make money has been formed.

Second, the use of blockchain technology to make up for the lack of centralization

The advantages of the Bit Three Kingdom Blockchain game can just make up for the shortcomings of the central game industry. The data of the three countries are distributed and recorded in an open and transparent blockchain, which makes the game company and players open and transparent. No one has the right to tamper with the data and protect the player’s game assets.

At the same time, the blockchain also has the value circulation attribute of digital assets, which can promote the improvement of the profit model in the game. The player can not only convert the value of the virtual goods in the game into the bit GTTC circulation.

Finally, the Bit Three Kingdoms platform boosts blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has brought unprecedented opportunities to the game industry. The goal of the three countries is to become an interactive entertainment platform with blockchain card hero mining as the core highlight of the world, relying on blockchain value consensus to improve platform fan data. Bringing massive value users and creating the world’s most interactive blockchain card entertainment platform. Solve the problem that traditional game rules are opaque, the number of game assets is opaque, and the value of game assets cannot be guaranteed.

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