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Kill the Sushi Master, a fast-paced and highly addictive card game launches on Kickstarter

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Kill the Sushi Master, a fast-paced and highly addictive card game launches on Kickstarter

October 30
17:10 2019

No doubt that card games are extremely popular around the world, but most of them are designed for the patient folks who like to enjoy a card game slow and steady. But those who are looking for a thrilling, dopamine inducing, edge of the seat kind of card game should look no further than ‘Kill the Sushi Master’ — a super exciting and fast paced card game inspired by the delicious Japanese dish Sushi. The game is exclusively launched on Kickstarter with a goal of $22,206 and can be pre-ordered by choosing one of the rewards for backing the campaign.

Kill the Sushi Master is as exciting as its name because as the players will fight as ‘Wakiitas’ to become the ultimate ‘Itamae’, they will form strategies, and try to ‘roast’ their friends to ultimately turn a boring night into a super fun night with friends. The goal of the player is to become the Sushi Master by defending their opponents, by doing whatever it takes, even if it means killing the other players using the poisonous ‘Fugu Fish’ whose poison is deadlier than cyanide! That’s a sacrifice one must make to win the prestigious titled of the ‘Itamae’ or the Sushi Master. The player has to do whatever it takes to be the best in front of the cutting board, not to mention that in Japan, it is super cool to be in front of the cutting board.

To play the game, the users can use Ability cards, Savory cards, and Unpleasant cards. The Ability cards determine the proficiency of the players, the Savory cards enable the players to protect their Sushi menu from any unpleasant food used by their opponents and the Unpleasant Cards can be used to force the opponents to quit even before they get close to the cutting board as the Wakiita. The players can use their skills to make their way to the top or use the ‘very normal’ way of damaging their opponent’s reputation by drawing the Unpleasant cards to introduce stinky salmon and other unpleasant ingredients to their food. It’s.

Kill the Sushi Master is a super unique and fun game that combines the love for Sushi and card games together. In Japan, the ultimate goal when working at a Sushi restaurant is to be the one in front of the cutting board. It is considered a prestigious title that can take a decade of intense devotion while standing next to the cutting board as a Wakiita, to obtain. A Wakiita which translates to ‘near the cutting board’ has the honor of standing next to the Itamae while watching and learning how to master the art of Sushi making. So, here in this game, the players will be doing the same but with a fun twist, of killing the Sushi Master to become an Itamae. Furthermore, the illustrations on the cards are unique and designed to make everyone laugh.

Support the game now on its official Kickstarter campaign page.

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