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CodeCoda Receives Recognition as the Fastest Growing Advanced Software Development Company

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CodeCoda Receives Recognition as the Fastest Growing Advanced Software Development Company

September 09
22:42 2019
CodeCoda Ltd. is the fastest growing Advanced Software Development Company, according to Tech Startup Magazine. The company, founded a few years ago, has been recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the software development and outsourcing business.

This recognition is based on the unique business model they operate, which gives power to their clients to get the best software development and engineering services on their own terms. This has enabled them to deliver greater value to their clients than has been the norm in the industry.

CodeCoda is a tech company headquartered in Dublin and with offices across Europe. The company focuses on bringing innovative solutions to business problems using technology. Their areas of focus include Advanced Software Engineering, BPO, and Software Development. They excel particularly in Software Engineering for Startups and have created thousands of solutions that have impacted positively on the bottom line of their clients. The company’s dedication to excellence and to thinking outside the box has helped its clients create solutions that have helped them cut costs and improve sales. The company has now been recognized as the fastest-growing tech company in the software development business. This is a testament to the satisfaction of their clients and to the quality of their services.

The CEO of the company, while being quizzed about how the company did it, said, “One of the secrets of our success is we actually live by what we promise. And what we promise is Software Engineering at your terms. We don’t walk into a client’s office and bring grandiose ideas that would not be practical for them. We look at what we can do to complement and supplement their strengths and help them produce better results.” He further described how the company worked when he said, “This Company was founded to bring practical solutions to everyday business problems, and that is what we have done. That is also what our clients pay for when they opt for our Advanced Software Development services.”

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One of the questions the CEO was asked during the interview was what their aspirations for the future are. In his reply, he said, “One area we want to focus more energy is Software Engineering for Startups. This is because we have discovered that startups need more successful solutions than any other does. They don’t have the time or the resources to experiment with different Advanced Software Engineering solutions. Our Software Development Outsourcing service is what they need. They will spend less and get bigger results.” He further said, “Our Software Engineering at your terms is exactly what startups need because they can determine everything from the cost of the service to the kind of results they want.”

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