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Blockbuster: TOUR DATA CHAIN (TDC) Sets Foot In The Entertainment Industry To Drive The Development Of The Real Economy

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Blockbuster: TOUR DATA CHAIN (TDC) Sets Foot In The Entertainment Industry To Drive The Development Of The Real Economy

September 09
23:33 2019

TOUR DATA CHAIN Phase II consensus business union project which is promoted by Cisco System Inc. (Cisco System Inc. ranks No. 212 in Global Top 500 Companies), aims to make every investor become a member of TOUR DATA CHAIN Union, thereby providing a safe, decentralized, trustful and united super project, and bringing sustainable flow of ecosystems while allowing each investor to gain wealth.

Set Foot In The Entertainment Industry And Drive The Real Economy

In line with the current mainstream development tendency and the creation of a virtuous circle of the ecosystem, TOUR DATA CHAIN is going to promote the big entertainment super project, realize social live +new retail +IP+blockchain, and create the entertainment live ecosystem of internet, new retail, blockchain, and sharing economy. In the meantime, TOUR DATA CHAIN keeps focusing on consumption upgrade and sharing economy. On one hand, against the background of consumption upgrade, it allows more users to enjoy the happiness of live shopping with the spirit of sharing good things and buy their desired commodities. On the other hand, it helps merchants realize the live marketing reform under the new retail economic model. TOUR DATA CHAIN thinks in many ways, goes against the trend, and speeds up the development to create the internet live content ecosystem, leading the whole live industry to develop in a healthy way. Making differences by live, guiding flows by contents and achieving realization by e-commerce, TOUR DATA CHAIN meets the users’ different needs and drives the development of the real economy.

The Development Tendency Of The Entertainment Industry:

First, integration development of content consumption and physical consumption

At present, from the development scale of new entertainment, there is a great potential for commercial realization, and the tendency from content consumption to physical consumption is obvious. The huge energizing of “Live+”must be one of the development tendencies of the new entertainment era. In Q1 of 2019, the scale of live users reached 501 million (data source: Research Report of China Online Live Industry in Q1 of 2019), along with the huge flow of live industry and the tendency of video advertising market, the scale of physical consumption has been expanded in the live industry. In the new entertainment era, the high-quality contents are equipped with the ability of linked content consumption and physical consumption. With the expansion and upgrade of the consumption level, the industry integration is speeding up, and the integration mode has become more diversified, by the modes such as linkage sales and derivative development, it drives the physical consumption.

Super IP Breaks Through The Operation Of The Whole Industrial Chain

In the integration development of the industrial ecology from entertainment industry to service industry and to manufacturing industry, there is a crucial “bridge”, namely, superIP. “IP+industry” has already become integral to industrial upgrade and business innovation and development. The connotation of super IP has been expanding unceasingly, as it provides a strong support for the traditional industries to derive the new industrial form. Super IP exists as a highly recognizable commercial symbol, which means that it will bring the high group identity based on contents.

From the operation of the industrial chain, super IP is the key element for accessing upstream and downstream, and the super IP of the subdivided industries such as films and television, literature as well as game all possess strong influences. Meanwhile, the super IP development of online variety shows also drives the commercial economy gradually. Represented by Dad where are we going and Super Mom of Mango TV, The Rap of China and Hot-Blood Dance Crew of iQIYI, they all developed the super IP exclusive derivatives toward the subdivided groups, maximizing the business revenue in virtue of super IP.

Figure: Super Mom super IP development

TOUR DATA CHAIN project team takes advantage of these two tendencies and combines with the current development status of the blockchain. Although there has been a massive development of the Blockchain technology and it has been implemented in many fields, especially in the financial industry such as stocks, bonds, notes, and receipts, and it has successfully made the financial transactions more transparent, the technology still has a long way to go when it comes to big entertainment industry, hence, there is a good scope for further development. 

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