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Professor Gary Goh shares his experience and honorary recognition as an author, lifeskills motivational speaker and entrepreneur

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Professor Gary Goh shares his experience and honorary recognition as an author, lifeskills motivational speaker and entrepreneur

August 19
13:04 2019

Gary Goh, born on November 26, 1962, is an Australian author, educator, and entrepreneur. He is a successful entrepreneur, author of multiple business and motivational books and educator who helps people and the community.

In this candid interview, he talks in detail about his educational philosophy as an author and motivational speaker and his academic career and honorary awards recognition.

Interviewer: Tell us about your career and experience as an academic and honorary award prior to becoming an author and entrepreneur.

Gary Goh: From year 1997 to 2017, I have taught postgraduate and undergraduate degree programs at Griffith University, James Cook University, Charles Sturt University, La Trobe University, University of Southern Queensland, Singapore Institute of Management (Present name: The Singapore University of Social Sciences).

From year 2005 to 2016, I have also been an Emeritus Professor, Honorary Professor and Visiting Professor in American, European and Russian universities [California International Business University in America, Southwest State University in Russia, SABI University in France].

I have been given Honorary Professor award by SABI University, France in Year 2016, Honorary Doctor of Education degree by Southwest State University in Year 2016 (Southwest State University, formerly known as Kursk State Technical University, is a public university accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science, Russia Federation), Honorary Doctor of Business degree by California International Business University in Year 2014, Honorary Fellow award by the Australian Institute of Certified Practising Trainers in Year 2012.  I have been an academic and business leader committed to high-quality teaching, student success, diversity and inclusion, and engagement, business success throughout the larger community. These academic experiences and honorary awards provide a unique opportunity for me to provide both academic and business leadership that celebrates its vital connections to its local community while reaching out to serve more students nationally and internationally. I have developed partnerships with all members of local and overseas universities and incredibly diverse global institutions, including staff, faculty, students or administrators, to help reinforce the strong sense of community on the campus locally and internationally. 

I remain convinced that education is the gateway for all students and corporate clients (despite background or socio-economic status) to financial security, civic involvement, life-long learning, and increased social mobility.                                           

Interviewer: What is your teaching philosophy as an educator and motivational speaker?

Gary Goh: I do not see myself as a teacher but rather as a mentor and coach who encourages lifelong learning by sharing my enthusiasm and life lessons to promote civic, moral and social, lifeskills education to people and the community.

I focus on these areas of lifelong learning because they are not taught in the academic world.

These civic, moral and social, lifeskills provide learners with opportunities to develop themselves to their fullest potential throughout their life and having a passion for society.

I gained a lot of satisfaction when I contribute my time, donation in developing civic and moral, social, lifeskills motivational programs which had inspired many people to achieve outcomes they had not believed were capable of.

Interviewer: What core values do you promote to your learners?

Gary Goh: I advocate the spirit of lifelong learning by creating enriching learning experiences which combine problem-based learning and a passion for the community, equip learners to serve society and likewise, equip society with learners for life.

These create an awareness and understanding of social issues, coupled with an innate inclination to do good which drives my learners to delve deeper and to turn the skills and knowledge that they acquire into action. They learn to link their professional and personal decisions to social impact and in the process, become more open-minded and tenacious, more purpose-driven and people-focused.

Service-learning and community engagement is integral to my brand of civic, moral and social, lifeskills learning.

Interviewer: What are the outcomes you hope to achieve for your learners?

Gary Goh: I hope to nurture learners to be tomorrow’s leaders through a multi-faceted and experiential applied learning pedagogy. With robust social and lifeskills learning opportunities outside the academic world, to develop professionally competent and socially conscious graduates who are able to serve their professions and communities with honesty and integrity. Doing good deeds and an inherent ability and desire to help others are the essence of my civic, moral, social and lifeskills motivational program. It is envisaged that my learners can make a collective mark for the greater good.

The outcome for my learners is to be well respected in the community and be a role model for other community members.

Interviewer: What are your views on academic education in today’s context and tell us about the books you have written?

Gary Goh: Academic education produce academically proficient graduates which is not good enough to address the multi-faceted, multi-dimensional challenges facing society. Learners need to learn today, apply tomorrow in a practical and realistic manner, one that will make a real impact. They need to go head to head with real issues. For this reason, my learners engage in learning and community engagement process which help them to develop a stronger awareness of self and others. They are given a deeper understanding of current and emerging social issues and how these impact actual lives.

I have written and published books in motivational skills which focus in civic and moral, social and lifeskills. My books are about empowering people and provide endless opportunities to make an impact on the world. These are all in the areas of community work and for the betterment of society.

My passion is to help people.

More information about Gary Goh can be found here.

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